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Music Therapy for Older Adults

Music therapy groups & individual sessions are offered in a variety of settings including: adult care centers, assisted living facilities, memory care units, board & care homes, and more.

Seniors in nursing home making music with rhythm instruments as musical therapy.jpg

Music Therapy Benefits

  • Reduces isolation, stress & anxiety

  • Positive emotional outlet

  • Promotes cognitive stimulation

  • Engages movement & relaxation

  • Validates life story & memories

  • Provides spiritual & emotional support

  • Improves overall quality of life

A non-invasive yet powerful form of therapy that engages lifelong connections to music

A Research Based Therapy

​Music has been found to be a powerful force in maintaining quality of life and supporting a variety of abilities throughout the aging process.


Through specialized training of music & the brain, music therapists can be valuable assets in maintaining quality of life for older adults.  

Extensive research has proven that older adults, including those with early onset or advanced Dementia and Alzheimer's, can greatly benefit from music therapy!

Free informational handouts provided below:

Holding Hands
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